Concentrated Flavors Make Foods Better

Butter Buds® concentrated flavors are ideal for a multitude of food applications. Our Butter Buds® R&D team of flavor specialists are continually searching for new ways to use our products. In collaboration with our customers, our applications experts are always developing innovative, on-trend formulations that keep them ahead of the competition.

Customized Solutions

Our Butter Buds® R&D team of dairy flavor specialists and product developers bring over 60 years of experience in concentrated dairy flavors to our customers. In addition to our full line of Butter Buds® products, our dedicated team develops customized solutions to meet the challenging needs of our customers. We work closely with them to define their goals and develop new formulas and techniques that will enhance their existing products, help them create new ones… and cut their costs.

Applications Lab

Our on-site Butter Buds® Applications Lab is home to our product development team. Staffed by food scientists, applications technologists and food technicians, the Applications Lab team is skilled in sensory analysis, food science, nutrition and product development.  Visit our Applications Lab