Butter Buds® Applications Lab

Advancing the Art and Science of Flavor Technology

Our state-of-the-art Butter Buds® Applications Lab is home to our food scientists, applications technologists and food technicians. Our applications team is skilled in sensory analysis, food science, nutrition and product development. The 8,000-sq. ft. facility includes our laboratory and a test kitchen where our experienced team works to advance the art and science of flavor technology for foods and beverages.

Butter Buds® Applications Lab Capabilities

Our applications lab serves many purposes for our customers, brokers, distributors and sales staff.

Customer Support

Our Butter Buds® Applications Lab is open to all customers to learn about the benefits, functionality and uses of our Butter Buds® products. Customers are invited to work directly with our team to collaborate on solving flavor issues, matching target profiles and developing successful products. Together, our team will work with you to create new products or reformulate new ones — on trend and on time.

Application Innovation

New applications are continually researched, tested and refined to produce innovative, high-quality food demonstrations to inspire the creation of your next new product. The applications for our Butter Buds® products is vast, so it is our goal is to discover new, creative uses for our products to assist our customers in their success.

Sales Support

Our Butter Buds® sales staff relies on our applications team to assist them in creating custom concept applications for customer presentations. Samples are developed to give customers a first-hand tasting experience while learning about the flavor profiles and functionality of our Butter Buds® products.


Learning about the unique characteristics of our Butter Buds® products is an essential step for our customers, brokers, distributors and staff. Therefore, the applications lab is a valuable training center where the features and benefits of our products are taught.

Visit Our Butter Buds® Applications Lab

Our applications lab is a creative and collaborative environment where new possibilities happen. To assist you with your formulation needs and help bring your new products to market faster, we invite you to spend a day with our applications team to create and refine your end-products. You will learn how our Butter Buds® products offer unique flavor profiles and functionality in delicious, healthy, on-trend products.

During your visit, we offer private work spaces where you are free to conduct business in-between consultations and tastings.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to our Butter Buds® Applications Lab.

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