Concentrated Dairy Flavors and Specialty Flavors

Butter Buds Inc. releases the full flavor potential of real butter, cream and cheese to create dairy flavor concentrates. Our family of Butter Buds® concentrated flavors also includes specialty products that bring the flavor of bacon, olive oil, cocoa butter and beer to a variety of applications.

To create our flavorful Butter Buds® dairy flavor concentrates and specialty concentrated flavors, we combine our unique enzyme modification process with flavor compounding and encapsulation technologies. The result is flavorful products that provide a more satisfying eating experience with better nutritional profiles at lower total ingredient cost. Available in shelf-stable powders and easy-to-use pastes.

Key Benefits of Butter Buds

Ingredient Costs Savings

Because Butter Buds® are so highly concentrated, they are typically used at extremely low application levels (usually <1.0%), saving on total ingredient costs without sacrificing quality or label appeal.

Reduce Fat

The extremely low application levels recommended for Butter Buds® products result in the contribution of less than 0.1% fat in finished products. With Butter Buds®, low-fat products can be formulated to retain the flavor and eating pleasure of a full-fat product.

Richer Mouthfeel

The rich flavor of Butter Buds® fools the palate into perceiving a richer, fuller, more complex mouthfeel than is otherwise available in low-fat formulations.

Enhance Other Flavors

Butter Buds® products enhance other food flavors such as chocolate and vanilla in sweet products and garlic in savory offerings.

Mask Off-Flavors

Off-notes present challenges in many food systems. Even at low application levels, Butter Buds® can effectively mask undesirable off-flavors, such as soy or warmed-over notes in meat products.

Round Out Harsh Notes

Butter Buds® concentrated flavors round out harsh notes from pepper and other spices without changing the desired flavor profile.

Stable Pricing

The prices of dairy commodities can fluctuate wildly, making it a real challenge to control costs. Butter Buds® prices have proven to be very stable, helping to regulate costs and margins.