Cream Buds & Milk Buds:
Cream and Milk Concentrates

Buttermilk Buds®, Cream Buds®, Milk Buds®,  Sour Cream Buds Concentrate® and Yogurt Buds are concentrated dairy powders produced from fresh, cultured sour cream and milk. Our Cream Buds and Milk Buds optimize flavor at low application levels to provide rich dairy flavor, fatty mouthfeel, flavor masking and significant ingredient cost-savings.

Low in fat, cholesterol and trans fat, Cream Buds and Milk Buds offer rich dairy flavor while improving the nutritional profile of a variety of applications. Cream Buds and Milk Buds are Kosher and Halal certified.

Cream Buds® & Milk Buds® Product Descriptor
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Cream Buds and Milk Buds Product Listing

Product Name
Flavor Characteristics
Usage Levels
% of total batch weight
July 2017
Cream Plus®
Available in Organic
Medium heavy cream middle notes with slightly sweet base notes.0.20 - 1.0%
Cream Plus-Vanilla
Available in Organic
Medium sweet cream with vanilla top, middle and base notes.0.20 - 1.0%
Dried Cream ExtractMedium cultured cream middle notes with fresh dairy base notes.0.10 - 1.0%
Cream Buds-AsiaMedium heavy cream top note with sweet cream base notes.0.20 - 1.0%
Sour Cream Buds Concentrate
Available in Organic
Strong cultured sour cream middle notes with medium dairy base notes. 0.10 - 1.0%
X-Blend Sour Cream BudsMedium-strong cultured dairy blend with sour cream middle and base notes.0.50 - 4.0%
Milk Buds-AsiaMild dairy middle notes with sweet and slight fruity base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Milk Buds-JMild fresh milk middle and base notes0.25 - 1.0%
Milk Buds-PeruMild-medium dairy middle notes with slight sweet and vanilla base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Milk Buds-PlusMild medium milk middle notes with a lipolyzed milk finish.0.25 - 1.0%
Milk Buds-WesternMedium whole milk middle notes with cooked base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Milk Buds-Whole Milk TypeMild whole milk middle notes with slight sweet and buttery base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Yogurt BudsMedium cultured yogurt middle notes with slight sweet and tangy base notes.0.10 - 1.0%
Buttermilk Buds
Available in Organic, and Non-Dairy
Medium tangy buttermilk middle notes with sweet cultured base notes.0.25 - 2.0%
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