Made with Wisconsin’s freshest butter.


Ideal for great-tasting, flavorful recipes.


Rich butter sprinkles in a handy shaker for easy seasoning.
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Enjoy the delicious flavor of real butter with Butter Buds – concentrated butter flavor sprinkles made with Wisconsin butter. Just shake Butter Buds over hot foods and savor the richness of authentic butter flavor.


Butter Buds provide all the flavor of butter with minimal fat and cholesterol, and zero grams of saturated fat or trans-fat per serving. With 90% fewer calories than butter or margarine (a serving of Butter Buds Sprinkles has 10 calories versus 100 calories for a serving of butter or margarine) Butter Buds are the perfect addition to any dish. Butter Buds are gluten free, low in sodium and certified Kosher.


Meat, poultry, fish, seafood, potatoes, vegetables, pasta, rice – they all taste better with Butter Buds. To season, just sprinkle over hot, moist foods and enjoy the rich flavor of butter.


Butter Buds are packaged in a handy 2.5 oz. tabletop shaker, letting you sprinkle Butter Buds onto your favorite foods at home or on the go.

So go ahead, indulge in real butter flavor without the guilt with Butter Buds sprinkles.

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butter buds 2.5oz
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