Dried Beer Extract: Concentrated Powdered Beer Flavor

Dried Beer Extract provides the great taste of beer in an easy-to-use powdered form. Our proprietary spray-drying technology produces a free-flowing concentrated beer flavor. Dried Beer Extract delivers hearty beer flavor without concerns over safety, licensing, refrigeration, handling and cooking time.

Extremely multifunctional, at lower usage levels, Dried Beer Extract delivers these flavor benefits without adding specific beer notes:

  • savory flavor to meats, chili and stews
  • fermented nuance to baked goods
  • sweet flavor in confections.

Dried Beer Extract is Kosher certified.

Non-Dairy Specialty Products Product Descriptor
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Dried Beer Extract

Product NameFlavor CharacteristicsUsage Levels
% of total batch weight
Dried Beer ExtractMedium malty and yeasty middle notes with slight hoppy base notes.0.50 - 12.0%
July 2017
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