Non-Dairy: Concentrated Dairy Flavors

Butter Buds® Non-Dairy Dairy Flavors provide the flavor of butter and cream flavors without the risk of exposure to dairy allergens. Lactose-intolerant consumers can now enjoy the taste of real butter and cream in a variety of foods and nutritional beverages.

Our non-dairy dairy concentrated powders are created using a combination of maltodextrin, sunflower oil and rice starch to produce highly-concentrated dairy-free dairy flavors. They provide creamy dairy flavor, add richness and mask off-flavors in ice milk, yogurt, icings, confectionary, dessert mixes, bakery products and more.

They are low in fat and cholesterol and are Kosher and Halal certified.

Non-Dairy Specialty Products Product Descriptor
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Non-Dairy Dairy Flavors Product Listing

Product NameFlavor CharacteristicsUsage Levels
% of total batch weight
July 2017
Non-Dairy Butter Flavor SDMild-medium savory butter middle and base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Non-Dairy Butter FlavorMild-medium buttery middle and base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Liquid Butter Concentrate ND (Sunflower)Medium-strong buttery middle notes with fatty/oily mouthfeel and base notes0.10 - 3.0%
Non-Dairy Buds Cheddar Type
Available in Dairy and Organic
Medium cheese middle notes with slight buttery, savory and sweet base notes0.10 - 1.5%
Cream Concentrate Non-DairyMedium-strong cream middle notes with slightly sweet cream base notes.0.25 - 1.0%
Liquid Cream Concentrate ND (Palm)Medium cream middle notes with medium dairy base notes0.10 - 1.0%
Non-Dairy Buds Buttermilk Type
Available in Dairy and Organic
Mild tangy buttermilk notes with sweet cultured base notes0.10 - 1.5%
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