How To Reduce Costs with Butter Buds® Dairy Concentrates

In an ideal world, you could formulate a product with dairy taste, texture and functionality—all without breaking the bank. And, with Butter Buds® Dairy Concentrate Solutions, you can make that a reality.

The Growing Concern of Dairy Prices

Today, the prices of dairy products have continued to increase. A staggering 83% of consumers who shop for their household are concerned about the increased prices of food and drink.1 This is driven by factors such as rising prices due to inflation, supply-chain issues, climate change and increased production costs—and it’s influencing shopping habits.1

Consumers are rethinking the products they purchase and, therefore, causing brands to rethink how products are being developed.

Highly Concentrated Ingredients

Our real dairy Butter Buds® solutions are highly concentrated, so they feature extremely low usage rates. But, what does this mean for you?

  1. It will help control costs and protect profit margins, with more stable pricing compared to dairy commodities as a whole.
  2. It will lower your total ingredient costs—all without compromising on taste or texture, of course.

Let’s get a taste of this in action!

Our Butter Buds® 32X butter concentrates are great for imparting richness and flavor enhancement to soups, sauces, dehydrated potatoes, cheese seasonings and bakery items. And you can do this at a usage level of just 0.5 - 2.0% of total batch weight.

Our Yogurt Buds enhance and/or add cultured yogurt flavor at a usage level of a mere 0.10 - 1.0% of total batch weight. This is ideal for beverages, spreads, confectionery, bakery fillings and dessert mixes.

Explore our portfolio of products, to find your cost-saving option.

Why Work With Butter Buds®?

When you partner with Butter Buds®, you are getting more than just high-quality ingredient solutions. With customer-focused R&D and an applications lab, our experienced food technologists and product development specialists will work closely with you. Together, we can reformulate existing products or develop new ones—all while aligning with your cost-savings goals.

With 63% of consumers saying that cost is a factor when making food and beverage purchase decisions2, it’s more important than ever to make decisions for your business that will benefit your bottom line. And when you work with Butter Buds®, the solution is simple.

Learn more about how to power your brand with real dairy ingredients or contact our team to get started.


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