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Taste: How to Deliver Consumers’ #1 Driver

Throughout the years, surveys show that food trends and consumer demands come and go, but one constant remains...Taste is #1 with consumers when it comes to making their food and beverage choices. In fact, according to the International Food Information Council, when surveyed over the last two decades, consumers have consistently named TASTE as the factor with the greatest impact on their decisions to buy foods and beverages. In 2023, nearly nine in ten consumers rated taste their most important purchase factor, an even higher impact than the year before.1

Taste vs. Other Purchase Drivers

Even though consumers also take factors such as price, healthfulness, convenience and environmental sustainability into consideration, it only makes sense that taste is at the forefront of their purchase decisions. After all, what’s the point of purchasing something that may: cost less, be healthy, seem convenient or support consumers’ environmental concerns...if no one in the family wants to actually eat it? Of course, supporting factors come into play, but great taste appears poised to win over consumers for the foreseeable future.

Taste vs. Flavor

When it comes to great taste experiences, there’s much more to the overall encounter than mere flavor alone. Texture, mouthfeel, aroma and more play into the experience of enjoying favorite foods. For instance, it’s not enough to provide the flavor of butter, because butter also delivers richness, creaminess, tenderness and structure to a wide variety of foods.

At Butter Buds®, we understand how butter and other ingredients make foods taste better. From sweet to savory, butter and dairy ingredients can help round out a flavor profile, making other ingredients have a more cohesive flavor, and helping them taste richer and creamier. We understand that it takes real, good ingredients to create real good taste.

Boosting Dairy Taste

Nothing is quite like the taste and texture of, creamy and comforting. Consumers can’t seem to get enough. No matter the application, from popcorn to baked goods to mac and cheese, consumers want foods that taste more buttery, more cheesy, and ultimately, more delicious.

When it comes to boosting your product’s dairy taste profile, Butter Buds® helps enhance every component to make your product more buttery, more creamy, more low usage rates for a lower total ingredient cost.

Dairy Taste in Dairy Alternative Products

The taste of dairy is one of the hardest to come by for consumers who need or want to avoid the dairy allergen or those who simply follow a vegan lifestyle. Butter Buds® dairy alternative concentrates help you deliver that elusory dairy taste and texture consumers want to experience, and especially miss, in non-dairy applications.

With decades of customer-focused R&D and applications experience, our food technologists and product development specialists can develop solutions that help give your dairy alternative a boost over the competition.

Let’s get together—and boost your brand’s dairy taste and texture experience!


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