Ideal for great-tasting healthy and nutritious recipes.

Convenient and Economical

Convenient rich butter and cheese flavor without the cost.

Wholesome Flavor

Made with Wisconsin’s freshest butter and cheese.
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Butter Buds FoodserviceSM 

Concentrated Butter Substitutes, Sauce Mixes and Butter Sprays

Butter Buds Foodservice SM provides concentrated butter substitutes, cheese sauce mixes, butter sauce mixes and pan-release butter sprays to a variety of food service markets. Our Butter Buds® brand of concentrated butter and cheese products are favored by food service managers in schools, military and health care facilities for their great taste, convenience, exceptional cost savings and health benefits.

Fresh from Wisconsin, Butter Buds® concentrated butter substitutes, cheese sauce mixes, butter sauce mixes and butter sprays are made from real butter and cheese using a proprietary enzyme modification process. Our food service products add flavor to your favorite recipes while reducing fat, cholesterol and calories.  From pastas to vegetable sauces to sandwiches, our Butter Buds Foodservice SM butter flavors, sauce mixes and butter sprays bring guiltless flavor to endless recipe possibilities.

Convenience and Cost Savings

Butter Buds Foodservice SM products cost less, save on labor costs and minimize food storage concerns.  Butter Buds® sauce mixes stir up instantly with water to produce great-tasting Alfredo, cheese and butter sauces. Because they require no refrigeration, our sauce mixes save on refrigeration and food storage space. Butter Buds® great-tasting butter sprays easily apply butter and garlic butter flavor evenly and efficiently to foods. Our butter sprays are also great pan-release sprays, saving on food prep and cleaning labor costs.