Butter Buds for Schools, Healthcare and Military

Butter Buds FoodserviceSM concentrated butter flavors, instant butter and cheese sauce mixes and pan-release butter sprays are preferred among food service directors in schools, healthcare facilities and our nation’s military. Healthy, economical, flavorful and easy to prepare, our great-tasting Butter Buds® products are favored for the benefits they bring to a variety of recipes.

Butter Buds in Schools

Butter Buds FoodserviceSM products help food service managers and directors provide healthy, low-fat meals for their hungry students. In an effort to produce tasty food within strict nutritional guidelines and tight budgets, food service professionals look to Butter Buds® to help provide healthy meals kids will love, with less waste.

Used as a flavoring agent or instant sauce mix, Butter Buds® concentrated butter granules serve up buttery flavor with minimal fat, cholesterol and trans fat. With only 10 calories per serving, Butter Buds® provides a healthy and economical alternative to traditional butter. Cheddar Buds® and Alfredo Buds® instant cheese sauce mixes offer delicious, convenient and easy-to-mix sauces for pastas, vegetables and everyone’s favorite – mac and cheese — with only one gram of fat per serving. Buttermist® and Garlic Buttermist® butter sprays can simply be sprayed onto sandwiches and baked goods for great butter flavor. Highly-concentrated, one 14 ounce can produces 500 grilled cheese sandwiches with no brushes to clean. Used as a pan-release spray, both varieties provide fast and easy clean-up of cookware and baking pans, saving on labor costs.

Butter Buds in Health Care

Butter Buds® concentrated butter flavors, instant sauce mixes and pan-release butter sprays are valuable tools for health care food service directors as they address health concerns and dietary requirements of their patients. Butter Buds® products help prepare foods that promote heart health, weight control and other specific medical conditions. Restricted diets do not mean less taste – low in calories, fat, cholesterol and trans fat, all Butter Buds® products provide healthy alternatives to traditional butter and cheese while offering a rich dairy flavor to our favorite foods.

Health care food service directors appreciate saving on ingredient costs due to the economic usage levels of our concentrated dairy products. Convenient and easy-to-use, Butter Buds® also saves on labor cost in the kitchen.

Butter Buds in our Military

Butter Buds® is a proud supporter of our nation’s military. Troops deserve great-tasting meals while serving here and abroad, and nothing says “home” like the rich dairy flavors associated with Butter Buds® concentrated butter flavors, instant butter and cheese sauces mixes and butter sprays. With less fat, cholesterol and trans fat, Butter Buds® products provide tasty alternatives to traditional butter and cheese while keeping our troops lean-and-mean.

Butter Buds® concentrated butter flavor is available in two-ounce packages for UGR-A and UGR-E group rations. Our single-serve two-gram packages have been used in MRE rations serving our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Buttermist and Garlic Buttermist pan-release butter sprays are favored by Culinary Specialists on many of our U.S. Navy ships for their convenience and food prep time-savings.

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