Cheddar Buds: Instant Sauce Mix

Cheddar Buds® is an instant cheese sauce mix that is made with real Wisconsin cheese. Cheddar Buds delivers the true flavor of  cheddar cheese in a convenient “just add water” sauce mix. Low in fat, calories and cholesterol, Cheddar Buds is a perfect addition to healthy meals. Convenient and easy to use, Cheddar Buds saves on food preparation time, making it more economical than canned, frozen or made-from-scratch cheese sauces.

Cheddar Buds mixes easily with tap water to produce a great-tasting sauce for pastas, vegetables and more. It’s also a beneficial food service product that makes a delicious dipping sauce or topping. When used in its original powder form, Cheddar Buds serves as a flavoring agent in recipes. It also stands up to prolonged warming and can be reheated without compromising product integrity.

Highly concentrated, each two-pound packet of Cheddar Buds makes ten pounds of sauce. Cheddar Buds powder requires no refrigeration and is easy to store, saving on valuable storage space and costs.

Cheddar Buds Ingredient Statement

Modified food starch, maltodextrin, cheddar cheese flavor (cheddar and Swiss cheese, whey, buttermilk solids, butter, sweet whey, sodium phosphate, lactic acid), sweet whey, vegetable oil shortening (canola), salt, non-fat dry milk, lactic acid, yeast extract, annatto and turmeric (for color). Contains milk.

Cheddar Buds Packaging

Cheddar Buds Case Pack (Product #49002)

  • Pack size:  8/2 lb.
  • Case dimensions:  16-1/2″ x 14″ x 8-1/2″
  • Case weight:  18 lbs.
  • Case cube:  1.14
  • Pallet configuration:  36 cases per pallet (6×6)

Cheddar Buds Proposed Bid Specifications

Instant Cheddar sauce

  • Instant cheddar sauce
  • One 2-lb. package makes more than a gallon of cheddar sauce
  • Must be instant and have no requirement to boil water
  • Must contain less than one gram of fat per 2 oz. serving
  • Cheddar Buds or equal
  • Pack 8/2-lb. pouches

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