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Certified Organic Concentrated Flavor Offerings

Butter Buds Inc. Expands Certified Organic Concentrated Flavor Offerings

Aug 16, 2019

(Racine, WI; June 29, 2017) To meet the consumer demand for today’s organic, clean label foods and beverages, Butter Buds Food IngredientsSM has expanded its full line of Certified Organic concentrated dairy flavors. Our growing line of Certified Organic Butter Buds®, Cheese Buds®, Cream Buds®, Buttermilk Buds® and Sour Cream Buds® are made from fresh Wisconsin milk supplied by dairy farms that raise cows according to organic farming methods and contain no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Butter Buds® Certified Organic Concentrated Flavors

  • Organic High Concentrate Uncolored
  • Organic Butter Buds-Ghee
  • Organic Butter Concentrate
  • Organic Cheese Buds-Cheddar
  • Organic Cream Plus®
  • Organic Cream Plus® Vanilla
  • Organic Buttermilk Buds
  • Organic Sour Cream Buds Concentrate

Butter Buds® Certified Organic concentrated flavors provide the same great benefits as our full-line of non-organic Butter Buds®, Cheese Buds® and Cream Buds®:

  • Low in fat, cholesterol and calories
  • Rich background notes
  • Harmonize flavor systems
  • Mask off-flavors
  • Richer mouthfeel
  • Ingredient cost savings

Butter Buds Food IngredientsSM manufactures a wide array of concentrated dairy flavors made from fresh butter, cream and cheese. Butter Buds® also offers a line of innovative flavor concentrates that provide unique flavor characteristics – Butter Buds -Bacon™, CocoaButter Buds® and Dried Beer Extract. To address today’s clean label trend, Butter Buds® provides a variety of clean label options including Certified Organic flavors.

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