ButterBuds® Invites IFT23 Attendees to Taste What Real Dairy Can Do for Your Brand

Jul 14, 2023

(July 14, 2023) Racine, WI – Butter Buds Inc., a global leader in dairy and non-dairy concentrates, is sharing how attendees can make food and beverages more delicious, more appealing and more profitable with real dairy and dairy alternative ingredients at the Institute of Food Technologists 2023 Annual Event and Expo (IFT FIRST), July 17-19, at McCormick Place in Chicago. IFT attendees are invited to visit booth #S0620 and sample a menu of mouth-watering prototypes, all featuring Butter Buds® ingredients that offer clean label and organic solutions to help manufacturers meet today’s dynamic marketplace demands.

“Our team is excited to have IFT attendees sample the range of prototypes we developed for this year’s Expo,” said Michael Ivey, National Sales Director, Butter Buds Inc. “Attendees can experience how our ingredient solutions can deliver better tasting foods with improved nutritional profiles while keeping ingredient costs down. Butter Buds’ solutions capture rich flavor and deliver a full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture, while masking off-flavors and rounding out any harsh notes. Plus, our solutions help manufacturers meet the demand for clean labels, with real dairy, dairy alternatives and organic options. We welcome attendees to stop by and meet our experts who would love to discuss any formulation challenges and our solutions that deliver the unique flavor profiles and functionality necessary to create delicious, consumer pleasing foods.”

Butter Buds is showcasing its portfolio of real dairy, non-dairy, organic and clean label ingredient innovations with a delicious menu of IFT23 samples, including:

  • Better Colby-Jack Mac & Cheese – cheesy and ultra-creamy, mac & cheese is the universal comfort food—the cheesier, the better—but how do you give yours better cheese flavor without creating formulation headaches or hiking costs? Butter Buds® Cheese Buds Creamy Co-Jack features a rich cheesy flavor and savory butter base notes for a mild Colby-Jack flavor profile at a much lower—and more forgiving—usage rate than standard cheese powders, for unprecedented formulation flexibility.
  • Churros – this sweet treat is sure to satisfy the taste buds. These churros are complemented with a blueberry buttermilk dip or a dulce de leche dip featuring Butter Buds® High Concentrate Uncolored and Cream Buds EX to provide rich dairy flavor and fatty mouthfeel. By substituting Neufchatel cheese for cream cheese, this dessert also can achieve 1/3 fat reduction.
  • Vegan Feta Dip – a zesty dip with a Mediterranean flair that is completely plant-based and served with pita chips. Now, you can enjoy a nutritious vegan snack without compromising on flavor. This tasty dip is crafted with Non-Dairy Buds Mozzarella to provide a mild cheese taste, milky base notes and a creamy and delectable mouthfeel.
  • Danish Cookie – using a combination of concentrates made with real butterfat, Butter Buds® serves up a rich, fresh butter experience, with 53% reduced butter. Butter Buds® Butter Flavor AB offers a rich, fresh butter note with a higher fat flavor profile and Butter Buds® High Concentrate Uncolored offers butter notes & fatty richness at a very low usage rate.

Butter Buds dairy and non-dairy concentrates are favored the world over for delivering delicious taste and texture, remarkable versatility and exceptional value. And because Butter Buds products are made with real butterfat, they can provide up to 80 times the flavor strength of real butter, which translates to better flavor and cost optimization through low usage rates.

Committed to high-quality ingredients and customer service, Butter Buds has a customer-focused R&D department and team of experienced food scientists and product development specialists that work closely with customers to proactively explore new trends, products and formulation solutions made possible at their state-of-the-art production facility in Racine, Wisconsin.

To learn more about Butter Buds concentrated dairy ingredients and specialty flavors, please visit IFT23 booth #S0620 or visit https://www.bbuds.com/food-ingredients.


Butter Buds® Inc. manufactures a wide array of concentrated dairy flavors made from fresh butter, cream and cheese. Butter Buds® also offers a line of innovative flavor concentrates that provide unique flavor characteristics – Butter Buds-Bacon™, CocoaButter Buds® and Dried Beer Extract. To address today’s clean label trend, Butter Buds® provides a variety of clean label options including Certified Organic and non-dairy dairy flavors.

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