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A Non-Dairy Solution with All the Benefits of Real Dairy

Consumers want their non-dairy alternatives to have the same rich, full taste and creamy texture as real, traditional dairy. With Butter Buds® Non-Dairy 32X, you can make that expectation a reality.

Butter Buds® Non-Dairy 32X has all the same benefits as our traditional Butter Buds® 32X product—well-rounded butter flavor with medium-strong salted butter middle notes—minus the dairy allergen.

Customers Demand Plant-Based Alternatives to Dairy

A rich, delicious allergen-free alternative is crucial to meeting the demands of a large consumer segment. In fact, Mintel reports that 40% of buyers who purchase plant-based dairy do so because of a lactose allergy or intolerance.1

Consumers may follow a dairy-free or plant-based diet by choice. Consumers might love the taste and texture of real dairy, but now more than ever, a huge number of people are experimenting with plant-based products and other dairy alternatives. In 2022, the global non-dairy alternatives market grew to over $26 billion.

Butter Buds® plant-based product holds nothing back in terms of taste; it just skips the dairy content. Consumers’ allergies or preferences don’t have to hold them back from delicious, comforting dairy taste and texture.

Plant-Based Ingredients with Dairy-Like Functionality

The Butter Buds® team of experts in our state-of-the-art applications lab has their finger on the pulse of innovation. Their commitment to understanding food science, nutrition, sensory analysis and product development is what led to the unparalleled benefits of Butter Buds® Non-Dairy 32X.

To produce highly concentrated dairy-free dairy flavor, we utilized our experience in enzyme modification and applied this technology to sunflower oil. This ingredient blend provides creamy dairy flavor, adds richness and masks off-flavors in frozen dessert, yogurt, icings, confectionery, dessert mixes, bakery products and more.

Non-Dairy Solutions Tailored to You

Butter Buds® doesn’t just serve up consistent, delicious non-dairy taste. Our reliable team helps you meet the growing demand for plant-based dairy efficiently and effectively.

We proudly offer:

- R&D application expertise

  • Highly trained R&D food scientists

  • Skillful production development specialists

- Speed of implementation

  • Timely sampling process

  • Quick turnaround times

- Efficacy

  • High-impact products with low cost-of-use and usage rates

  • Reliable, consistent and responsive products

With Butter Buds® wide range of expertise, skills and capabilities, we can make sure your plant-based products have the decadent taste and mouthfeel of real dairy.

Find out more about how to offer real dairy benefits without the dairy allergen.


1Mintel, US Milk and Non-Dairy Milk Market Report 2022