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Real Dairy Ingredients for Real Functionality

Consumers love real dairy ingredients for their rich, full taste and creamy texture in a variety of their favorite foods and beverages. Butter Buds® dairy concentrates are made with real dairy ingredients, combining a unique enzyme modification process and encapsulation technologies to create a more satisfying eating experience.

Dairy ingredients provide functionality to food & beverage products

What exactly do dairy ingredients offer food and beverage formulations, when it comes to functionality?

They help:

  • Improve taste & texture

  • Mask off notes

Real dairy ingredients also give products label appeal to consumers who know and love their familiar attributes.

Butter Buds® real dairy ingredients add rich butter flavor and full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture, while masking off-flavors and rounding out any harsh notes in a variety of applications.

Better taste and texture, courtesy of real dairy concentrates

Specifically, how do real dairy concentrates give your application better taste and texture?

Butter Buds® dairy concentrates help:

  • Provide a richer, fuller and more complex mouthfeel

  • Reduce fat—while retaining flavor and eating pleasure in your finished product

  • Round out harsh notes and mask undesirable off-flavors, especially in plant-based proteins and nutritionally fortified goods

  • Enhance other flavor profiles in both sweet and savory products

Butter Buds® products are made with real butterfat, which translates to better flavor.

Label appeal without compromise

Butter Buds® products offer unique flavor profiles and functionality for delicious and ingenious ingredients that help deliver consumer-pleasing finished products.

For example, our clean label and organic options can help you meet a variety of labeling and formulation goals, with taste and texture that never compromise your brand experience.

Our real dairy portfolio

We offer a variety of real dairy concentrates, from Butter Buds® to Cream & Milk Buds® and beyond:

Choose from:


Versatile butter concentrates used to create and enhance the high-quality, delicious and bold dairy flavors that consumers crave. Available in a variety of products and formats.


Cheese Buds are concentrated cheese flavors made with real cheese. This includes the unique line of X-Blends concentrated cheese blends designed to replace spray-dried cheese or cheese powder blends.


A groundbreaking ingredient solution that offers an explosion of rich cheddar flavor. Sure to be an absolute game-changer for snacks, entrees, sauces, seasonings and more.


These as well as Buttermilk Buds®, Sour Cream Buds Concentrate and Yogurt Buds optimize flavor because they are produced from fresh dairy products.


An organic line that is made with certified organic ingredients that still provides the same benefits as their non-organic options. The clean label concentrates address the growing demand while meeting modern formulation requirements.

Find out more, in our latest whitepaper, Real Dairy for Real Results.