Orange and strawberry on skewers dipped in chocolate.

Elevating Food Products with Specialty Ingredients for Bacon, Chocolate and Beer

Specialty ingredients have the power to transform ordinary recipes into extraordinary culinary experiences. Butter Buds® solutions such as Butter Buds - Bacon, Cocoa Butter Buds® and Dried Beer Extract provide various properties that can elevate your creations. From vegetarian-friendly bacon to enhancing the richness of chocolate and capturing the essence of beer, exceptional taste in consumer-favorite foods is a solution away.

Think innovatively! These are a few of our favorite combinations using these specialty ingredients:

  • Bacon ranch

  • Cocoa butter in mole sauce

  • Orange chocolate dipping sauce

Vegetarian Bacon — Just Like the Real Thing

According to Mintel, 33% of consumers eat plant-based meats to add variety to their diets and 36% eat it because it’s healthier than traditional meat.1 Butter Buds - Bacon offers an authentic bacon flavor without the use of any meat, making it perfect for vegetarian applications. It provides the true essence of bacon, complete with fatty richness and mouthfeel, without adding the fat and cholesterol you find with real bacon.

What you benefit from when you choose Butter Buds - Bacon solution:

  • Vegetarian-friendly alternative: Enjoy the taste of bacon without compromising dietary choices.

  • Easy to use: It is conveniently available in powdered form, allowing for effortless incorporation into various recipes.

  • Cost-effective: With low usage levels, Butter Buds - Bacon provides a budget-friendly substitute for real bacon.

  • Dietary certifications: It is certified Kosher Pareve, and for those seeking Halal certification, Savory Buds-B is available.

Enjoy the True Richness of Chocolate

Consumers love chocolate for its familiar taste. In fact, according to Mintel, an evolving perception of chocolate will provide more room for new, innovative options with chocolate flavors—beyond the traditional.2 Cocoa Butter Buds®, an intense, concentrated powder made with real cocoa fat addresses the challenge of achieving a complete and rich chocolate flavor. How does it work? Cocoa Butter Buds® provides the necessary cocoa fat without compromising texture, processing or nutrition.

Why you want it in your formulations, such as brownies, cookies, cereal and more:

  • Delivers real cocoa butter richness: Adds depth and mouthfeel to chocolate flavor, enhancing its overall richness.

  • Helps you overcome limitations: Achieve the desired 3-to-1 ratio of cocoa fat to cocoa solids, essential for authentic chocolate taste.

  • It’s a versatile application: Cocoa Butter Buds® can be used in a wide range of food and beverage products that require cocoa powder.

  • Has dietary compliance: It holds both Kosher and Halal certifications.

Take Note of the Beer Notes

Dried Beer Extract brings the hearty and robust flavor of beer in a concentrated powdered form. It offers convenience and multifunctional benefits without concerns over safety, licensing, refrigeration, handling and cooking time.

Adding beer notes in unique applications can surprise and delight consumers. Here are a few ways Butter Buds® elevates products with this solution:

  • Concentrated beer flavor in an easy-to-use powdered form.

  • Delivering flavor benefits beyond specific beer notes, such as adding savory flavors to meats, chili and stews.

  • Providing fermented nuance in baked goods.

  • Introducing malt depth in confections.

  • Eliminating the need for traditional beer while retaining authentic flavor.

  • Catering to specific dietary requirements, such as Kosher.

As a spray-dry beer, it’s nothing like our other products, with the versatility to provide delicious beer notes in the following types of products, such as:

  • Beer cheese soup

  • Beer cheese dip

Specialty ingredients like Butter Buds - Bacon, Cocoa Butter Buds® and Dried Beer Extract can elevate flavors and transform your culinary creations. When you partner with the real dairy ingredient partners at Butter Buds®, you can transform your next food and beverage product with real innovation for real results.

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