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Dried Beer Extract

Dried Beer Extract

Concentrated powdered beer flavor provides the great taste of beer in an easy-to-use powdered form. Our proprietary spray-drying technology produces a free-flowing concentrated beer flavor. Dried Beer Extract delivers hearty beer flavor without concerns over safety, licensing, refrigeration, handling and cooking time. Dried Beer Extract is Kosher certified.

Extremely Multi-functional, at lower usage levels, Dried Beer Extract delivers these flavor benefits without adding specific beer notes:
savory flavor to meats, chili and stews • fermented nuance to baked goods • sweet flavor in confections

Dried Beer Extract Product Listing

Product Name Characteristics Usage Levels Soluble

Dried Beer Extract

Medium malty and yeasty middle notes with slight hoppy base notes. 0.50 - 12.0% Water Soluble

Dried Beer Extract Plus

Upfront malt with brown middle and end notes. 0.50 - 6.0% Water Soluble
  • ∞ Clean Label
  • µ Non-Dairy
  • ** Organic
  • € Sunflower Oil/Palm Oil/Canola Oil
  • % Uncolored