Wholesome Flavor

Made with Wisconsin's freshest butter, cream and cheese

Cost Savings

Highly-concentrated to cut costs


Richness with minimal fat and cholesterol

Flavor Enhancement

Indulge in new flavor possibilities
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Butter Buds Food IngredientsSM

Concentrated Dairy Flavors and Specialty Flavors

Butter Buds Food Ingredients SM provides functional concentrated dairy flavors to global food manufacturers. Our Butter Buds® brand of concentrated dairy flavors and concentrated specialty flavors are favored by food manufacturers the world over for their pure flavor, multifunctional properties and exceptional cost saving opportunities.

Fresh from Wisconsin, our Butter Buds® concentrated dairy powders are made with real butter, cream and cheese using a proprietary enzyme modification process, resulting in full-bodied dairy flavors with minimal fat and cholesterol.  Our concentrated non-dairy specialty flavors capture the essence of cocoa, olive oil, bacon and beer in powdered form to provide healthy ingredient alternatives for a variety of foods.

Unlocking Flavor Technology

Butter Buds Food Ingredients SM is dedicated to the research and development of flavor technology. We continually strive to unlock new flavors, providing unique formulation opportunities for our food manufacturing customers.

Our staff of food scientists, nutritionists and applications technologists work closely with our customers to create new and more effective uses of our Butter Buds® products. Whether you are reformulating an existing product, or creating a new one, our team of Butter Buds® flavor experts will work with you to bring innovative, on-trend products to market.