Non-Dairy Specialty Products

Butter Buds® Non-Dairy Specialty products are a line of concentrated flavors that contain no dairy ingredients. Using our proprietary enzyme modification process, and a unique combination of raw materials, these products offer a variety of flavor profiles – dairy, bacon, cocoa, beer and olive oil – and functional benefits. Healthy and cost-effective, our Non-Dairy Specialty products help food scientists formulate tasty foods that address many of today’s nutritional and dietary needs.

Non-Dairy Dairy Flavors
Provides the rich, creamy flavor of butter and cream without the risk of exposure to dairy allergens.

Butter Buds-Bacon
Offers authentic bacon flavor without the use of any meat making it ideal for vegetarian applications.

CocoaButter Buds®
An intense, concentrated chocolate-flavored powder made with real cocoa fat that completes chocolate flavor.

Dried Beer Extract
Hearty beer flavor in an easy-to-use powdered form that offers unique multifunctional benefits.

Olive Oil Buds®
Brings the distinctive flavor of extra-virgin olive oil without the manufacturing challenges of real olive oil.

Non-Dairy Specialty Products Product Descriptor
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